How I can make my online order?

To order online, first you must choose and add the products you want to buy in the shopping cart shown at the site under the "Add to Cart".

Once filled the shopping cart and complete the purchase you must register by providing personal data necessary to proceed to send the order and then make the payment.

You will receive a confirmation email which will indicate how is the situation of your order.

How do I know my size?

You will find a size chart in each sheet products. Our sizes are for children and adults and are all UNISEX.

What methods of payment can I use?

We accept this payment options:

  1. Credit card or debit card: through a system of bank payment 100% secure.

  2. Paypal: redirect you paypal page so you can do there to pay so your purchase 100% secure.

  3. Bank Transfer: at the end of your order, we provide an account number where amount your order. You have five days to check in and if not we will cancel it. The order will not ship until we have the order amount in the bank account.

What information do I need to provide for shopping online?

We need some information for the first time. You would have to register in our form to confirm the order. In this way we can send confirmation and invoice order and stay informed about the shipment.

We also send by mail the latest news of our products or offers.

Since I know my order has been processed correctly?

Söll send an email the order confirmation.

How I can know if there is stock?

We have on stock the products that you can add to shopping cart of your order online. If you drop down on the sizes and colors it means that the product itself is on stock. Except computer or tipo mistake, stock of each product displayed on our website is the real stock available.

The price of the products are shown with VAT or without VAT?

Prices of our website are including VAT.

Where do you send orders?

We ship orders worldwide. If your country is not on the list and would like to place an order email us at info@sollworld.com

The prices shown on the website include all VAT, if the order has destination in a country outside the European Union shall not apply this tax and the customer will be responsible for paying taxes in the country of destination in case to proceed .

Who is responsible for the cost of returning the order?

Söll takes over the first change of size or returning the order.

Can I change a product purchased online in a shop?

No, products purchased on our website can not be changed or returned on any of the stores that distributes its products Söll.

How I can contact you?

You can contact us through:

  1. The contact form found here
  2. Sending an e-mail to: info@sollworld.com

Product Reviews

Sollworld.com customers could leave reviews of products and thus provide additional and practical information to other users. Reviews should be respectful and should provide useful information to other users.

  • These opinions will be reviewed by Söll team.
  • To write about products you must be registered as a user on sollworld.com

Söll reserves the right not to publish any producte review if this is disrespectful.

Can I wash my garment Söll?

Access this link to see our recommendation on how to care for and wash our garments.

What kind of guarantee do garments Söll?

The Söll products are guaranteed for two years by defective material or workmanship.

If the product has a manufacturing defect, it will be repaired free of charge, it is replaced or credited at our discretion. There is no guarantee in the case in question of damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, improper washing, normal deterioration of the garment or natural wear color or fabric for a long time use in the article.

In some cases, non-warranty covered damage can be repaired with charge and charging shipping costs.

For an assessment of the guarantee, you must return the product to the store where you purchased the paper presenting the receipt.

If the item has been purchased at the online store Söll contact us.

If I return a product, would you send me other similar or would you return the amount of the purchase?

If the damage or failure of the product Söll is due to a quality defect or workmanship, repair the product, we will send a similar or refund the amount of your purchase. According to our view, if the product has given us is not defective, reject the claim for warranty and refund the product.

Does the warranty cover normal wear of the product?

Söll warranty does not cover normal wear of a product.

Can I submit an article to repair but the warranty does not cover any damage to this?

Warranty policy does not cover damages as scratches, fraying, tears, burns or holes. We understand that accidents can happen. The Söll assurance department can try to repair the items as much as possible for a reasonable fee, to which must be added a small fee for shipping.

I buy the item in my hollyday’s shop. Can I use the warranty?

Our policy states that items must be returned through the original point of sale. If this is not possible, contact your local store to see if they can provide the services of warranty or contact us.

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