Care and washing tips

Jackets and pants

Machine wash at 30º maximum

Wash the garment alone

Use a short cycle for clothes only slightly dirty

Before washing, close all zips, Velcro and buttons

Use liquid soap, without softeners or whiteners

Essential to add a colour-catcher sheet if the garment is multicoloured or has highly contrasting colours (black/white, white/red…)

Extra rinse cycle recommended to completely remove any soap residue, which reduces the water-repellent effect of the fabric

Do not leave the wet garment inside the washer

Dry at room temperature or in dryer at medium heat

Do not dry clothes in direct sunlight to prevent colours from fading

To reactivate the water-repellent effect of the fabric, we recommend drying the garment in a dryer at medium heat

For down garments, we recommend adding 3-4 clean tennis balls to the dryer

To reactivate the water-repellent effect without a dryer, you can iron the garment at a max of 100º, without steam, without pressing and after placing a clean towel between the garment and the iron. The iron should NOT directly touch the fabric of the garment

Base layers

Machine wash garment inside out at max 30º

Before washing, close any zips

Use liquid detergent without softener, with no chlorinated or optical brightener products

Dry at room temperature

Do not iron

Recommended products for cleaning and maintenance

This spray not only enhances water and dirt repellence, prolonging the lifespan of garments and restoring their waterproofness, but also maintains the breathability.

This specialized detergent is perfect for outerwear and padded ski clothing, ensuring that the factory-applied Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment is preserved longer.

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